Anonymous asked:

do you have any HIIT routines that you do or would suggest? the ones I've been doing don't really seem to be tiring me out

ATM I’m really into the stair climber as Im finding it’s really toning my butt and building my quads which is just what I want!
try doing that for 30-40 mins with 30 seconds on the highest level then down do level 8-10 for about a minute! xxx

thepoledancingphotographer asked:

Hey!! Hope you had a fab time in Dubai!!! I just have a question about running. I've started to incorporate some HIIT into my lifting program, but I've been experiencing ankle pain the day after I run, and it lasts for at least a week or so. I always make sure I thoroughly stretch after as well. It's on the outside of my ankles, and it is painful to walk - I don't want to be permanently damaging myself, have you got any advice for alternatives which are equally as good for HIIT? :) x

Thanks, I’m having a blast so far!
I think the best thing to do is switch up your type of cardio with HIIT, why don’t you try HIIT on the bike machine instead which will be much less strenuous on your joints, especially your ankle.
Try doing foam rolling, which is the best stretches you can do and if it’s still painful definitely see a doctor. all the best babe! xxx

Anonymous asked:

Hi !! So.. do you think it's ok if I take a week off? Im on vacation for a week and I've been enjoying a lot, having dessert everyday and pancakes at breakfast or stuff like that and well I haven't really worked out, just a lot of walking. My goal is to get toned and my abs were already starting to show but now i'm often very bloated… so if I take this week off and pick up the next one do you think it's ok?

of course! i’ve just taken 5 days off myself whilst I was in Iran! it’s not going to harm your progress at all! When on vacation, I think its important to give yourself a break, just relax with diet and working out and once you get back into it you’ll be feeling more motivated than ever and give it you’re all!! That’s exactly what I’m doing now! you’ll still be getting exercise exploring, swimming and walking around! Don’t worry :) xxx

Anonymous asked:

Hey, I'm almost 15 and have been eating very healthy (and not just by my terms!) for the past 4 months since I'm a smaller person my friends are always after me about the way I eat. And how it's meant to loose weight. I'm always questioned on how I can stand eating healthfully, and my best answer is just "i do it - or it tastes better. I can't talk to them about my accomplishments because they don't get being proud of my self. Rock and a hard place. Thanks! Your perf! Xoxox!!

Hey babe, thanks for the lovely comment 
Just remember you don’t need to explain yourself to anyone!! The most important thing is you are happy and feel amazing and they should see that in you. Why don’t you invite your friends round one time and cook them a beautiful fresh healthy meal with lots of yummy wholesome ingredients that way they’ll see eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring but delicious and fun! Keep doing what you’re doing girl! xxx

Anonymous asked:

Sahar i am just SO frustrated and confused! I am overweight, yet i struggle to meet my bmr. I have heard of starvation mode -but it is just SO hard to eat MORE food when i'm already full (and still fat.) Even when i do manage to eat above 1700 cals, my body doesnt improve. I am active and have a fair bit of muscle -but i know nutrition really determines your body fat. I feel like i will never be able to lose this weight and i'm trying so hard. It's very frustrating. :(

Hey babe, don’t panic! you will get to where you want to be: A Toyota car is built in 13 hours and a Rolls Royce is built in 6 months :P
Add in 3-4 HIIT cardio sessions a week for about 30-40 mins and if you do them fasted that will really help with fat loss.
It’s also important that you are eating every 3 hours to speed up that metabolism and get it into fat burning mode, if you have around 5-6 small meals a day you will find yourself fuller and satisfied as opposed to starving yourself on 3 small meals a day. Try to have all your complex carbs earlier on in the day where you have the most energy to utilise them. Include lean protein in all your meals and healthy fats like nuts/seeds/oil and avocado. Most importantly drink plenty of water which will help flush out all the toxins and  help with fat loss! xxxx

carlsquared asked:

What are things I can eat to maintain my body :)

hey gorgeous girl! now that you have gotten to your goal body all clean wholesome foods are fine, and even the occasional treat every so often won’t do any harm!
make sure you’re eating all colourful fruit and veg to get all the different nutrients and vitamins in and also drink plenty of water! xxx

Anonymous asked:

So lately ive been obsessed with mcdonalds, ate it maybe 5 times in one week (i have a binge problem) about 2 years agoi lost 10kgs, gained it all back from my binging, then last year i lst 7kgs, and now gained about 5kgs back. I dont know how to stop, my mindset is horrible, i think to myself "oh ive already ruined my clean eating i might aswell binge on 5 chocolate bars and a big mac meal" any pointers on how to stop? xx

Hey babe, maybe the reason you are craving mcDonalds is because your current diet is very restrictive? its important to have a healthy balanced diet and allowing yourself to have the occasional treat so you don’t feel deprived or restricted and end up binging.
You could try making your own healthy version of Mcdonalds burgers with onion and pickles, lean beef mince and wholemeal bread. Also before you get to the point of going to McDonalds have a big glass of water which should fill you up and make you think twice about going there.. xxxx

fit-venus asked:

hey I was wondering the foods lately I've been eating have been healthy but high in sodium (sundried tomatoes, olives etc) and I don't mind the bloat but will it affect my actual fat loss? x

Hey babe, just make sure you are keeping your total sodium intake under 2300mg a day to avoid serious health issues like hypertension and heart problems. xxx

I’m Back…!!

Sorry for lack of posts everyone, I didn’t realise tumblr was going to be blocked in Iran!!
I’ll start to answer all your questions ASAP :) xxxx

carlsquared asked:

Hey sahar!! Hope u and ur boy friend are having a great time on holidays:) me and my bf are going to Cuba in five days! I wanna look good on the beach for the first couple days but after that don't care as much ahah should I limit my water intake the day before to appear slim and toned? I don't know what to eat to not look bloated! Thank u:)

Hey babe, you’re going to have so much fun! and you’re looking so amazing from your progress pics.
Definietly don’t limit your water intake! I imagine it will be hot/humid in cuba so you’ll need water! best advice is to just eat lighter foods like leafy greens, fish, water based vegetables and fruit. Then don’t worry about food just relax and enjoy your holiday- Thats what I’ve been doing :P
Hope you and your bf have a beautiful time! post lots of pics xxx