carlsquared asked:

Hey sahar!! Hope u and ur boy friend are having a great time on holidays:) me and my bf are going to Cuba in five days! I wanna look good on the beach for the first couple days but after that don't care as much ahah should I limit my water intake the day before to appear slim and toned? I don't know what to eat to not look bloated! Thank u:)

Hey babe, you’re going to have so much fun! and you’re looking so amazing from your progress pics.
Definietly don’t limit your water intake! I imagine it will be hot/humid in cuba so you’ll need water! best advice is to just eat lighter foods like leafy greens, fish, water based vegetables and fruit. Then don’t worry about food just relax and enjoy your holiday- Thats what I’ve been doing :P
Hope you and your bf have a beautiful time! post lots of pics xxx

Anonymous asked:

Hey where are you from?

Australia, but right now I’m in Dubai on vacation :) xx

Anonymous asked:

14 and recovering!🌱 Haven't had ice cream in ages and really craving a pint of bandj but scare I'll lose control and eat loads of sweets after having none for a year! ( not a binge eat btw)😫🍦 Do you think I'd be good to have like a cheat day at the end of every week or two? This way I feel like I actually will eat the sweet/ fatty foods and not feel guilty!!!✨🍦🍕🍰

Hey babe, stay strong!!! its important not to associate food as bad or good its just food, if you’re craving sugary, fatty food why don’t you try and have a healthier alternative e.g ice cream you could have the frozen yoghurt, fatty food you could have avocado with wholegrain pasta (tastes so good!) but there is nothing wrong with having the occasional treat every so often, don’t feel bad and only buy a small amount so you can control your portion sizes xxx

newpaleomama asked:

Hi there! So, I am 5'7 and I weigh 114...I eat a lot but I don't gain weight. I feel like a stick. How would I start weight training and do you have any tips on protein powders to try out?

Hi Gorgeous, best advice on gaining weight is drink your calories! have some protein shakes with oats, banana, honey and whey protein. my favourite protein powder atm is oxyelite protein, it tastes so amazing!
In terms of training look at the areas you want to improve on and from there you can create a split e.g monday is back an bis, tuesday is shoulders and tris. If you want to build muscle, lift heavy at fewer reps and if you want to just tone and define the muscles lift lighter with more reps :)
Congratulations on becoming a mom too btw! xxx

Anonymous asked:

Hey! I was wondering how bad is coffee for you? I have 1-2 cups a day is that awful? Love your blog by the way - your flawless! Xxxx

Thank you so much for your kind words :)
and coffee is fiineee! I smashed black coffees during comp prep :P remember some people take pre work out which has probably 5x the amount of caffeine as 2 cups! xxx

Anonymous asked:

Hey Sahar :) Hope you guys are having a wonderful time on your holiday in Dubai :) xx

Thank you gorgeous! it’s been amazing so far, and the weather is so nice! yesterday we went to Jumeriah beach and this tuesday we are going for drinks at the Skybar at the Burj Al Arab! xxxx

Anonymous asked:

Hey ! I would like to have really defined muscles , what are some basic tips for this? I work with weights but what would u recommend , high weight low reps or low weight high reps, for upper body and lower body??

Hey babe! to get your muslces defined and toned you should do lots of reps at a lower weight. fewer reps at a higher weight will build the muscle instead. This goes for both and upper and lower body :) xxx

Shake Shack ♥
Anonymous asked:

Do you know any good shopping malls at melbourne ?? Im going there on vacation tomorrow :p

hmm I don’t know about any malls exactly but Chapel street is amazing and has lots of boutique style clothing stores, Myer which is an Australian franchise shopping place is good- it has everything! Melbourne is beautiful you’ll have the best time! the city is big and easy to get around with lots of shops, cafes and restaurants everywhere! xxxx

littlequeenfitspiration asked:

Hey Sahar! I'm not sure if you remember me but i messaged you when I first started out clean eating. I ate clean steadily for a week, then had some binges, and am now getting better at eating in moderation guilt-free. I love it when you tell people to lift weights to lose weight, what you say is true! I didn't see a huge difference until now, but my body all of a sudden has started to change! I'm seeing definition between my muscle groups and it's so rewarding! thanks for your inspiration<3

Hey gorgeous girl! thanks so much for your message! that’s so good to hear you’re seeing positive changes without depriving yourself or killing yourself with cardio at the gym!! Thank you for your kind words and well done!! keep up the hard work ♥ xxxx

Anonymous asked:

My eating habits have been appalling lately, uni has made me so stressed and I have turned towards eating a lot of junk food, muffins and cookies. I feel really guilty and that all the weight I have lost is just going to come back... I'm not in a good place at the moment..

Hey babe, I completely understand, uni can be very stressful and sometimes you do whatever you can to just get through! However just think you lots of good nutrients and vitamins to help you focus, particularly omega 3’s from fish which helps with brain development and cognitive function. Remember you are what you eat so if you are putting in bad processed junk food you’re going to feel like crap and have no motivation to study and it’s one vicious cycle! If you fuel yourself with good nutritious foods you’re going to feel amazing and perform amazingly! 
Rid your house with all bad food so its out of sight out of mind! have only healthy snacks available and even make some delicious protein balls so if you are craving something sweet you can have them! check out my recipe page for some ideas. Good luck! xxxx


Trying on bikinis! Cuba in 10 days :)