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Anonymous asked:

what can i eat at night if im hungry thats not too hard on my system but also vegan?

berries with some sort of vegan coconut yoghurt would be good, or a lean vegan protein powder you could make a little mugcake with it mix some almond milk and coconut flour in the microwave…

Anonymous asked:

how much do you charge for customized nutrition and training plans?

email me at sahar@marvasti.net Ill send you all the info and pricing on the plans :) xx

Anonymous asked:

what do you recommend is a good calorie intake for a female who is loosing weight, lifting daily & running 5-6x weekly? at the moment i burn about 800cals daily and eat 1200 cals. is this a healthy amount?

hey babe, I can’t answer that without knowing your height, weight bodytype and what you look like!
I do customised Nutrition plans which are personalised to the individual according to your stats so the calories and macronutrient breakdown would be the perfect ratio to ensure you get optimum results! you can email me at sahar@marvasti.net if you want to get more info on them :)
check out my instagram too I just uploaded a picture of one of my clients meals! IG:@sahar_fit xxx

It’s Peak Week!!!!!


Excitement is an under statement! especially as all 3 comps are in my own home state :)
So today I have officially started the cut :( 
- no extra salt
- no egg whites
- no sugar free sauces
- supplements (BCAA’s, Huma Pro, pre workouts)

This mornings breakfast consisted of chicken breast and oats + blueberries lol It wasn’t as bad as I thought though!
and today I’ve started the water loading so drinking 4L today then closer to the comp will be dropping!

I see my coach on Wednesday for final weigh in and check in AND I’ll get my carb up plan then too, I shall keep you posted with what thats like!!

Anonymous asked:

If I'm hungry after dinner say at like 8:30 or 9 and go to bed between 10:30 And 11 should I eat something and what should I eat if I'm trying to lose fat and tone up?! I'm nervous to eat after dinner but someone told me if I don't eat when I'm hungry I'm slowing down my metabolism. Problem is I never know how much to eat and how "full" I should feel. The other night at 8:30 I had medjool dates with tahini And 2 rice cakes with almond butter is this okay? I feel like I'm not seeing any progress

hey babe,
If you are hungry, eat :) never go to bed on an empty stomach or starve yourself. This slows down the metabolism and because you’re not eating your body goes into starvation mode and the first thing you eat your body will just hold on to and store for fat as it thinks it won’t be eating again!

Best thing to have before bed is a slower releasing protein like casein protein powder or cottage cheese, you can add a bit of berries, cinnamon and stevia in there to it tastes good!!
It also depends on what you’re eating throughout the day, medjool dates are perfectly healthy and nutritious but may be a bit too energy and calorie dense before bed especially with the rice cakes and butter :) xxx

Email me at sahar@marvasti.net As I do customised nutrition and training plans. Each plan is customised to the individual as I work with your body type so you will get optimum results and no exactly what you should be having and how much :) xxx

its growing…

oh dear!
why do more limited edition chocolates have to keep coming out!?
MUST make this last :P

brown hair!
fitnesseblog asked:

Hey there! My girlfriend and I just started our fitness blog. Can you help us out by reblogging a few things? Thanks!!

just followed you then :)
I shall check you out when I get home from work this arvo! xx

Anonymous asked:

I'm way too shy to go out into the gym and lift with all the boys and men looking at me secretly. I've been out there a few times- and I usually feel like I'm using some of 'their' equipment because they seem to give me strange looks. I can't focus- or lift to heavy in case I fall or something. How do I get over the self-conscious, intimidated feeling? xo :) Btw, you look TRULY amaze.

hey babe,
don’t think about anyone else at the gym remember they are all there for the same reason as you! If it’s concerning you that much maybe look at going to a female only gym?

The best thing to do is book in a session with a personal trainer who can show you round and how to use the machines, or you can use youtube or bodybuilding.com to look up exercises and the correct form.
Don’t feel intimated at all its great that you are at the gym! :) xxx