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Anonymous asked:

Hello :)) I'm thinking about doing kickbox this year, but I was wondering if you knew what kind of bodys do girls/women get, because I don't want to be very bulky, I was mainly thinking about geting some lean muscle and abs.

hey babe, 

if you’re a female it is very hard-impossible to get ‘bulky’ from weight training and intense exercise as we do not have the hormonal make up like men to get like that!

Kickboxing will give you an amazingly fit and toned body if you’re eating a nutritious and heathy diet to support/assist your training!

You will definitely develop lean muscle and abs, but abs will come with diet! I would love to help you with a nutrition plan and ensure you’re getting the correct macronutrients according to your body/training/lifestyle to ensure you’re getting optimum results!!

email me at sahar@marvasti.net- I have just revamped my nutrition plans :D they are no bigger and better haha


fungungry asked:

Hey Sahar, my partner wants a nutrition and fitness plan as well, do you do them for men?

Hi babe,

I sure do, in fact Im working on a male client’s plan right this very second! he’s a shift worker so has limited time so I’m ensuring he’s getting the right nutrition to keep him going all day!

get your partner to send me an email and I shall send him the info :) xx

Anonymous asked:

So there's no perticular way to get rid of fat around the hips?

like I said unfortantely you can’t spot reduce!
over time fat will reduce from the hips with consistency in diet and exersize.
40 mins of lower intensity steady state cardio on the treadmill or cross trainer would be good as you’re using glycogen and fat stores for energy!


In Australia we eat Kangaroo mince!
the best lean, high protein red meat ever!!

Anonymous asked:

Hi! I love ur blog! I know you said your meal plans are specific to the person but I'm kinda high maintenance. I'm gluten/dairy free and am mostly eggs. I'm 5'6, 159lbs,17yrs and have an under active thyroid and the only way I've ever been able to lose weight is by eating like 1200-1450 cals (i work out 5-6x a wk...) i feel this is to low but i don't want to gain weight by uping my cals bc my body can literally gain 10lbs in a week if I'm not careful.(it's happened)Would you be able to help me?

Thank you gorgeous :)
they sure are, and I understand hypothyroidism- we covered that at uni so I would easily be able to construct a plan for you, high protein would be best as it will increase satiety and get your metabolism running efficiently! We can start you off on lower calories and slowly slowly build them up each week to get the metabolism increasing and ensure no sudden weight gain!
send me an email at sahar@marvasti.net and I will send you more info xxx


sweet craving: CURED!

sahar: 1- comp prep: 0 

who wants the recipe!?

Anonymous asked:

Hey :) I have a question, how do you get rid of the fat around the knees? And how do you make your hips slimmer(get rid of the fat around the hips)? Thank you ;***

hey babe,

wow I would have no idea how to targe the fat on the knees! remember you can’t spot reduce unfortunately but overtime a balanced and healthy diet paired with the right training program for you will give you overall weight loss and results!! That applies with the hips as well!!
I know a few tricks on slimming the waist down though ;)


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Anonymous asked:

I am like in love with your blog! You've been my go-to motivation and fitness guru for many many months now. I swear I've watched all your vlogs at least five times each and got all my family to start watching them too lol! Btw, you look even more amazing closer to your comp! I'm so excited for you! I know you're going to get up on stage and just kill it! :D I'll be cheering for you! Good-luck! Your hard work madeyou a winner anyway in my eyes <3 xx

You’re message has absolutely made my day, what a beautiful person you are :) 
Are you from Adelaide?
I’m glad you like the vlogs, I’m enjoying making and putting them together! 
It’s getting so close now, I can’t wait! thanks for your support babe :)