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Anonymous asked:

Thankyou for being do honest! I just competed on the weekend and am suppose to be reverse dieting but I keep caving and binging and cannot stop.. I'm so worried I'm going to put on weight :( will a few days of binging do lots if damage? And any tips to get back in to my reverse diet? Thanks for being so real tho :)

You’re definitely not alone there babe!
Im here 100% here for support! and theres no point sugar coating it all, its definitely not easy! :P 
Its important that you try and stop the binging (i know easy said than done) a few days post comp sure it won’t do much damage but if you continute you’re going to suffer metabolic damage as your body is not used to the sudden increase of high calories and processed foods! just try and drink lots and lots of water, chew gum, have tea, anything to stop yourself from eating processed foods! fill up on vegetables instead!!
The next 2 weeks are crucial with reversing out then eventually you’ll be able to enjoy treats once your body is used to more calories and more variety :) Hang in there!!! xxx

I wish <3
Anonymous asked:

Have you binged at all post comp? Have you found going on your reverse diet easy and have you stuck to it? What does your reverse diet consist of?

I’ll be honest..
I had my post comp burger and waffles on the Sunday night (straight after I got off stage).

I allowed myself the Monday to eat whatever all day (i was very sick towards the end of the day).

Then on the Tuesday (yesterday) I stuck to my competition diet but when I got home from work I ate alot of chocolate, biscuits, ice cream, nutellla and some baked goods.. I felt very sick and I snapped myself out of it and it took some serious mental control.
Now is the most crucial time for me to reverse diet properly and I can’t pig out or binge.

Today (wednesday) its 8pm and I have stuck to my competition diet 100% without anything extra :) Tomorrow I will get my official reverse diet and from there calories will go up each day- I will let you all know once I get it!

Im going out for dinner this Saturday night which will be treat night but apart from that Im trying to do this the right way as I don’t want to blow out!!!

Everyone always said to me how amazing my discipline and self control was during my whole prep, but honestly anyone has self control and discipline when they know they will be stepping on stage half naked to be judged.. its NOW when you have no official reason really to have self control that it really shows how disciplined you can be…

(sorry for the long reply!!) 


Anonymous asked:

What's so bad about chewing gum?

nothing but during comp prep I wanted to take extra precautions as gum contains  sugar alcohols and can sometimes cause a bit of bloating… 

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Will you be doing a post comp vlog?

I sure will!
I’ll edit it and try and get it up before the end of the week :) xxx

Strong lift Wear @mutatednation
powerful words!
Anonymous asked:

wow could you not have coffee or chewing gum or any of that other stuff the whole time?

I cut out coffee a few days before comp prep and some with artificial sweeteners and chewing gum so really it was only a 1 week without.. but STILL!! protein powder was maybe 2 weeks without which was hard! hahah xx

Anonymous asked:

how are you feeling post comp?

apart from the sickning full feeling I felt on Monday from food overload..

I FEEL AMAZING :) I don’t feel tired and flat I have so much energy (mainly cause I haven’t been getting up at the crack of dawn to do so much cardio)
I’m also loving the little things like having my walden farms sugar free sauces back, protein powder, coffee and chewing gum!!!

Anonymous asked:

How do you determine what kind of diet you should be on? Like high protein low carb etc xx

when I do my clients nutrition plans I assess their body via the pictures they send me, their stats and their lifestyle and from then I divide up the macronutrients best suited for them. For instance those who have a hard time gaining weight and size do best on high protein, high carb and lower fat.
Some bodies do well on high fat, high protein and lower carb. You should never do high fat and high carb in the same plan either should be one or the other! xxxx

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