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Spring is here! Which means it’s time to start getting that summer body you’ve always wanted!

✅customized to your body type
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Love seeing clients get creative with food, eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring! @kate_healy enjoying a thai squid salad for dinner and has lost 5kg so far!

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Anonymous asked:

OMG! Your core looks soo defined now! Congrats! What did you find helped shift that last little bit of belly fat? Personally- I've become leaner and more tighter everywhere (my abs are slowly peeking out now) ...but it seems it's just that little bit left on my lower abs now. I've got my weights and ab routine in check-with HIIT 3 times a week and a little LISS. Did you find that the high fat, lo carb, mod protein diet helped loose the pooch? Anything i can do to speed up my process? Thanks :) x

heyy, thanks so much gorgeous!
you know what, the bottom layer of fat on the stomach is always the last to come in! so it will come with constancy in diet and training :)
little things like drinking lots of water, limiting processed foods and soft drinks/artificial soft drinks help too!

If you wanted a customised diet plan you can email me at sahar@marvasti.net as I work with clients individually based on their body type to ensure they get optimum results!

I definitely think (for my body type as an endomorph) having a high fat high protein and low carb diet has helped harden and lean me out more but has been a struggle, i find in the mornings I’m fine and have alot of energy but towards the 6pm mark I’m like dead! but I am getting up at 4.30am hahah
If you have any more questions Id be happy to help :) xxx

Don’t Judge me….!

My post Comp treats…


Plus my aunty from NZ has mailed me the limited edition hundreds of thousands Whitickers block!!!


On that note… here is my latest progress photo :P


Anonymous asked:

Hey Sahar, Im actually at my university right now and I barley have any time to workout and try to stay in shape cus of all the work my professors give me lol, any tips?

hey babe, everyone has time! its just a matter of prioritising it, obviously its not that important to you if you can’t fit it in :P

You don’t have to exercise everyday but maybe walk to uni, always take the stairs, park that little bit further away to get more walking in.. little things like that will help.

Also if you’re finding it hard to exercise make sure your making healthy choices in your diet, limit process foods and drink plenty of water!

But I completely understand, uni workload is tough plus if you’re working it can be even harder! Hang in there- you’ll find a balance soon!


Sunday Cook Up!
Sahar Fitness Competitor, Nutrition & Fitness Guru has hooked us up with this clean veggie turkey mince stir up.  A super easy, delicious and nutritious meal to refuel after a tough workout!
If you are looking to up the fat content, just add some bacon or avocado!
Check it out on our The WOD Life Blog at blog.thewodlife.com.au
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Anonymous asked:

Hey Sahar! You seem like a super-busy person. I was just wondering how you manage to do so many things (study, prep, work, gym etc) all at once? I'm a first-year Uni student and I feel so overwhelmed by thoughts of study, procrastination etc and trying to get fit at the same time. Especially study. Do you have any study tips? And life-balance tips for gym, social and work etc? It would help me beyond words xx

argh at the moment my life is one crazy joke. 3 more weeks and its going to get a whole lot easier. I’m not really thinking too much I’m just doing and getting through. Im working 2 jobs, have uni and am weight training 6x a week plus cardio 9x a week! Im pretty much just auto-piloting my life for the next 3 weeks!!!!

I think with study its important to go over all your notes that night in bed so it sinks in, you don’t have to spend a whole lot of time on it, just lightly go over it, it will stay in your brain! 

You gotta find the best time to workout for you, that could be in the morning or afternoon, if you make up a ‘split’ you can base it around your busy/non busy days but study would definitely take first priority! If you’re finding it hard to fit in exercise you could walk to uni, kill 2 birds with 1 stone! 

Also meal prep- I can’t recommend that more! it is the biggest life saver, to be able to just go into the fridge and not having to worry about cooking or what to eat you just take it out! if you put aside 2 hours or so 1-2x a week you can cook everything in bulk and freeze it. 

If theres anything else or any other questions let me know! always here to help! 


fungungry asked:

Hey Sahar :-) what do you do when you need some motivation to eat healthy? This last week has been hard for a number of reasons and I literally feel like I could bathe in a bath of junk food!

hey babe, its not about motivation right now for me its more about wanting to look my absolute best for stage so tats whats keeping me on track and sticking to my healthy eating!
But if you’re feeling like that, why don’t you make a healthy alternative of the junk food you are craving like clean coco protein muffins if you’re wanting chocolate or fruit or spaghetti squash pasta with lite evaporated milk if you’re wanting pasta or healthy lean mince hamburger patties with sweet potato fries!?
Also going on youtube and looking and fitness model inspiration or instagram fitness/motivation pages helps!

Anonymous asked:

What advice would you offer to a poor teenager trying to gain muscle and lose a bit of fat? I'd like to stay the same weight by gaining muscle as I lose fat (10 lbs). I don't have access to a gym now, but I may join a sport but I can't decide between soccer, volleyball, and cross country.

I would say eating clean and un processed foods, you could buy protein powder to ensure you’re getting adequate protein which is the building blocks of lean muscle! and  to save you a bit (chicken/lean meats can get expensive).
get your cardio done outdoors, you don’t have to have a gym, you can utilise stadiums and sports fields the grand stands are good for lunges and leg exercises and if you fill up water bottles you can use them as dumbbells for weights!! 

Anonymous asked:

Heyy Sahar! :) I did one sem of biomed and I felt very overwhelmed by the human anatomy and intro bio (cells, molecules) course at Uni. I did Chem and Bio in high-school and got high marks in both- but I always found science quite challenging. I'm seriously considering studying Nutrition and Dietetics next year. Fitness and health is a very big part of my life. Can you share your experiences with your study and explain what topics are involved in such a course? I'm a first year at UQ.


I completely understand what you mean- I came from a music/histroy/englsh background it school not sciencey at all!
It can be very ovwhelming but once you get your head around the different pathways and so on it gets easier! 
Im doing bachelor of nutrition and food science at uniSA (majoring in food science) there is altot of chemistry involved in terms of metabolic pathways in your body and how foods are broken down to macromolecules and how they are stored and used.  
We also did a bit of bio covering all the organs and body systems which was pretty hard trying to remember alllll the systems and functions but I found watching youtube animations really helped hahah.

Where are you from and thinking of studying ?