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Anonymous asked:

I know you probably hear this all the time but I have a huge butt and thighs with gross cellulite and lumps on it. I want to get rid of that fat, so I've started weight lifting along with a clean diet. Will this help me get the results I want? Should I be lifting light weights to get a slimmer look, or low weights at high reps?

you are definitely on the right track!
fat loss is pretty much all diet but getting that butt nice and sculpted is all weights! to build and tighten your glutes do low reps at a higher weight.
 just be consistent in the both and you will see amazing results soon :) xxx

Anonymous asked:

Hey Sahar,  First thing~ Thanks for all you’re amazing feedback and “keeping it real.”  It’s so hard to find people these days who are honest with people about weight loss and fitness. You’re amazing!!! :) I am trying to lose belly fat and typically do my cardio in the morning. Should I be doing fasted cardio to help with losing fat or not? Also, do you have any other tips to help speed up the process?  Thanks again!!!  XXOO

aw thank you so much, I appreciate your kind words :)

fasted cardio definitely helps with fat loss as its using both glycogen and fat for fuel and if you haven’t eaten anything then you will be burning of fat storage. For optimum results I would recommend taking a scoop of Acetyl L carnetine before cardio (helps shuttle all of the fatty acids stored to be used as fuel).

HIIT cardio is also good for fat loss, I wouldn’t do that fasted though as with a bit of food in the system you can smash it out much more efficiently. This burns fat and increases endurance whilst retaining muscle. 
Stomach fat is always the last place to go so just be consistent in training and especially diet, watch your portion size and try full up with lean proteins rather than energy dense processed foods :) 

Good luck gorgeous! xxx

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fitutopia asked:

hey lovely, just followed! would you be able to check out my blog? thank you for your time! x x

just followed back 
love your pics! xx

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Anonymous asked:

Do you have any examples of happy customers who have used your plans? Not that I don't trust you, but I think it might be helpful to see some people who have had success with your work before I throw down $100 to someone online.

I sure do, send me an email at sahar@marvasti.net

fungungry asked:

What's fasted cardio? And liss?

fasted cardio is just doing cardio on an empty stomach so you’ll be burning through fat storage and glycogen rather than the food you had just eaten. LISS is lower intensity steady state cardio so doing something at a steady state longer period of time e.g running, walking, swimming. xxx

Anonymous asked:

I really don't understand what's happening to my weight. I was 82kg, ate less moved more, got down to 74, and then one day I was 82 again and I just assumed j wasn't empty, but every time I've weighed myself since its been 82. How?

weight can floccuate alot especially at different times of the day and month (for girls its can be very hormonally driven).
Don’t get so hung up in numbers/scales. I go by body fat%. As long as you are happy and healthy with yourself and feel good thats all that matters!