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Anonymous asked:

Hi Sahar, what are the details of your nutrition plan?

hey :) email sahar@marvasti.net for more info!

the plans are customised and catered to you individually to ensure you meet your nutrition and fitness goals!


Guess what?

My new business cards are out for my customised nutrition plans!
the first 5 reblogs will get the plan HALF PRICE!
email: sahar@marvasti.net for more information!

always :)
taken this morning, 5 days into high fat, high protein & low carb diet. still have a lot of hardening up and leaning out to do, but coming in nicely for 2 months out.

everydayboost asked:

Hi! Great blog! I am from NZ and looking for great NZ/AU blogs to follow, can you recommend anyone? I'm so glad I found you! I'm reasonably new and just a baby blog of 45 followers but loving this fitblr community so far !

Hey gorgeous! thank you so much :) I grew up in NZ and actually just came back from there! where abouts do you live?

here are some of my fave Australasian fitblrs! 


enjoy :) xxx

What’s you’re body type?!

It’s important to know and understand your body type as from there you can ensure you are consuming a the right diet and macronutrient percentages to maximise your full potential!

Myself? I would be a mix between ectomorph and endomorph, I am skinny but have always been soft. For this reason a high fat and high protein lower in carbs is best for my body. This will harden and lean me out for the final weeks leading into my competition`! 

Chocolate Peanut Butter Energy Balls

click here for the recipe

breakfast anyone?!

Excited to have another sponsorship on board!

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