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Anonymous asked:

Hey Sahar! Could you recommend any lower body exercises for those who have bad knees? My left kneecap is not tracking properly, which means I have to keep away from from any exercise which is going to put my knees through a lot of pressure (squatting, running, plyo exercises). I really want to tone my legs because summer is just around the corner! Thank you so much in advance! xx

hey babe, exercises like kickbacks or glute bridges would be good as they focus on the butt without any impact on the knees.

I also have bad knees and I brought some rock tape from here from thewodlife and it has been amazing, its really helped support my knees and keep them from going inwards. 

For cardio, stick to stair climbers or cross trainer, which will be much less impact on the knees! 

Anonymous asked:

Hi! I wanted to ask you something regarding low carb diets. My nutritionist put me on a low calorie diet (even though I explained I exercise 5 days a week... been doing so for a month) because of the fat around my belly. She said that I had "localised overweight" though my BMI is 21. I've always read that refined sugars/carbs are unhealthy and tend to stay in the belly area. Do you think I should try with a low carb diet? And see another nutrionist? Thanks, and btw, you're such an inspiration!

Hey babe!

BMI can be confusing as I had a low BMI too but high bodyfat, so decreasing your carb intake whilst increasing fat and protein will help lower total bodyfat (I know it doesn’t make sense but its got to do with how you body utilizes the fatty acids for energy and speeds up the metabolism).

If you look at the picture I posted (on body types) take a look at it and see what body type you are as my boyfriend is an ectomorph so he responds really well on a high carb, high protein and lower fat diet so it all depends.
I would definitely recommend seeing a dietician or clinical nutritionist with an emphasis on sports nutrition if you exercise regularly.

Personally, Im finding the high fat and lowering my carbs is really helping shift that lower adnominal fat and hardening and tightening up the area a lot!
Its good to try different things to see what works best for your body!!

Anonymous asked:

What is the best way to get into eating healthy if you're from a not so healthy family?? I see all these amazing looking healthy food ideas but there is too much temptation from my family home!!

Heyy :)

I think the best thing to do would be make a healthier and cleaner version of what your family likes to eat so for instance if you eat nachos at home you can do your own version using lower fat chips, extra lean beef mince, minimal cheese and jam pack it with lots of vegetables!

Same goes with desserts, there are soo many yummy clean desesrts you can make using protein powder, dates, banana, unsweetened cocoa and more! you can check out my page on facebook as I have lots of clean recipes (sweet and savoury) as well as nutrition and fitness tips too!

fitjessica asked:

Hi Sahar :) Your latest progress pic looks amazing! I see that you're eating for your body type and I was wondering how you determine what type of body type you have? Thanks!

Thank you so much Jess!
I’ve definitely notices so many positive changes not just in my body but wellbeing, health and energy levels its great!
I posted this last week which is a good guide to determine your body type :) If you need help with where to go from there in terms of which foods to eat Im more than happy to help you with that!



My High Fat High Protein Diet changes update

OK so remember I told you just over 2 weeks ago my coach put me on a high fat/high protein and lower carb diet which is better suited to my body type. Already after a few days I said I felt great but WOW it’s been nearly 3 weeks and I feel AMAZING

Im not bloated anymore

I feel like Im really hardening and leaning up more

Regular bowl movements (sorry for Too much info :P )

WAY more energy!

It’s crazy, take a look. first picture was taken 3 weeks ago and the second picture I just took this morning! 


my stomach is always the hardest and last place to get defined and lean, even in my last comp my stomach didn’t look like this 8 weeks away AND I was 6kg less!!!

Girls especially: goes to show its not about the weight on the scales! I am exactly the same weight as when I first started my fitness journey BUT 9% less body fat!

LOVE my coach, I have 100% full trust in him :) 

8 weeks LETS GOOOOO! 

S xx

breakfast is served :)
Anonymous asked:

Hi, can you recommend any exercises to slim thighs? Also do you offer trainig plans as well as meal plans? Are you a PT? Thanks for your help babe x

Hey :) 

There are lots of different exercises you can do to slim and tone your thighs including both cardio and weight training :) I mainly do the nutrition plans as I am in my final semester of doing my bachelor of Nutrition and Food Science.  
I do training plans as well. No Im not a pt but I have been training for over 2 years as well as doing lots of research and exercise physiology reading. 

email sahar@marvasti.net I can email you screenshots of my plans and client progress photos :) 

and anytime! xxx

Anonymous asked:

I've been trying to lose weight for a month and I keep falling back. Is there a trick to sticking to healthy habits and working out regularly ? I don't want to lose motivation again. I want to lose 27 pounds by around the end of October would it be possible? I am 5'5 and weigh 150 pounds. Thank you!!

Hey babe,
You have to ask yourself why you’re falling back, are you restricting or depriving yourself too much?
It’s very important to lose that weight in a healthy manner that includes slow and steady as If you end up restricting and limiting yourself in terms of diet you’re going to damage your metabolism which will cause many problems and even result in the weight coming straight back on!

To stay on track and motivated I highly recommend:

  • meal prepping for the week as that way you’ll have all your healthy foods ready to go and will be less likely to sway from your plan and eat unhealthy or processed fast foods.
  • Try and get yourself in a routine with your excersizing e.g mondays for cardio, tuesdays for upper body weights etc… if you have that indented in you, you’re not going to skip it!
  • I find following my favourite fitness motivational pages on instagram, Facebook and tumblr really helpful too. I always look at them first thing in the morning over breakfast and it puts me in a positive mindset for the day!

You can  email me at sahar@marvasti.net as I do customised nutrition and training plans, I have a special deal at the moment as I’ve just got business cards printed :)